Motivational Monday

“If you are not willing to risk the usual you will have to settle for the ordinary.” —Jim Rohn

Are you willing to risk it all for your goals? Willing to sacrifice your time, not staying out late drinking and partying, to achieve your goals? Are you willing to prioritize to ensure your goals are met?

Well are you?

There will be times, people and places that you cannot associate yourself with because they do not align with your goals! There is a time for everything and time is precious. Are you using it wisely? Are you maximizing every moment to remind yourself of your goals? Are you ensuring that your behaviors are aligning as well. Do you want to end your day feeling like there was not enough time to accomplish it all or that it took forever for the day to go by. 

 Some of your “friends” are not going to be able to comprehend your goals…good thing YOUR goals is not for them! You are going to have to sacrifice friendships, when they do not align with your goals. That friend that is constantly telling you that you are “doing too much” “reaching too far” or “being greedy” is telling you they cannot go where you are going or be where you are.

 Those places you associate yourself with, that lower your self worth have got to go! The places that put you in a mindset that you are not deserving of your goals, has to go! When you walk in. you feel the weight,you feel “bougie” or have discomfort, or the feeling that you do not belong…maybe you don’t.

Today, risk all for you! Risk it all for your goals!

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7 thoughts on “Motivational Monday

  1. Great thoughts and suggestions. Sometimes it’s hard sacrificing and walking away from what makes us feel comfortable. We have to want to reach our goals more than friendships or just fitting in. It’s a personal journey!

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