Keeping Your Cool During A Crisis

Spring in New Hampshire brings warmer weather, brighter sunshine, and higher spirits, especially in my house. This momma adores being outside and thrives on Vitamin D. My kids don’t get a choice on if they “like” being outside or not; after being cooped up inside all winter, they’re going outside!!

But with the warmer air and need to move and run comes plummeting blood sugar, causing epic chaos in just the span of a few minutes! Now that our little Neonatal Diabetic is nearly two, he likes to run and play as fast as his little legs can carry him. And just yesterday, this meant going from a two hundred and five (205) mg/dl blood sugar to eighty-nine (89) mg/dl doubling down (dropping over fifteen mg/dl every five minutes) in just twenty minutes. That’s an epically fast drop that needed fast-acting sugar in the form of a full-sugar juice box, STAT! This also meant literally dropping what we were currently doing and running for the juice, causing a scene in front of our other two children. Low blood sugar is no joke and the situation can become critical very quickly if not addressed immediately.

Our family is no stranger to chaos and emergency situations.

We’ve seen everything from broken collarbones to failed pump sites and large ketones to bottoming-out blood sugar and mini glucagon shots. If I had to describe our family in just a few words, “fast” would likely be at the top of the list. The five of us have just learned to deal with everything that’s thrown at us swiftly and efficiently so we can move onto whatever is next with minimal trauma.

This isn’t to say, though, that some of these chaotic situations haven’t made my blood run cold and my heart beat in my throat on several occasions. When a mother of a diabetic has to break out the life-saving Glucagon injection; life gets really real, really fast. I may have shaken and sweat for several hours after that event, even when things were back to normal and all was well. Sometimes there’s just no getting over how close to he came to a coma and/or death, especially when the “he” is my two-year-old toddler.

Now that I’m a year and a half into this diagnosis, though, I’ve come up with some handy tips to keep my “ish” together when all goes to hell around here. Most times, I have to save face in front of my other two kids, who are very sensitive when it comes to emergency situations and especially, their little brother. If I get too panicky or out of sorts, they feel it and emotionally crumble along with me. That’s the LAST thing you want in an emergency or chaotic situation that needs your unwavering attention and cool, collected focus.

So here are my five tips to keep your cool during chaotic moments:

1.Aromatherapy necklaces

I love mine, honestly. It’s rose gold with a tree of life and the felt pad for the oil sits inside it, like a locket. I have a few oils that just inhaling their light scent grounds me. I don’t need to stop and roll it on my temples or put it in a diffuser, I just put a few drops on the pad each morning and wear the necklace as I go about my day.

2.Write it down

If there’s a specific procedure you need to follow during times of chaos, be sure to have it written down and kept handy at all times. This means emergency phone numbers, doctors or therapists names, and any relevant information that might otherwise be looked over during times of crisis. Focusing on this information when its needed may also help “ground” you and keep you breathing and calm during this situation.

3.Deep breathing

It might seem like a given, but one needs to BREATHE during times of crisis or emergency. Not hysterical, shallow breathing but the type that re-centers the mind and allows it to focus better. I give myself the rule of taking a deep breath and counting to three before I exhale. Take a couple of deep breaths every few minutes to keep yourself feeling a little calmer and in better control.

4.Take a drink!

No, not the alcoholic type (that won’t help anyone, promise!). Try to avoid reaching for anything caffeinated as that may worsen your feelings of shakiness and/or anxiety. I usually grab a cool drink of water. Drinking water re-centers my mind on feeling refreshed and by default, the act of drinking forces the body to breathe more regularly. A win-win all around 🙂


When treating a Diabetic’s low, one has to exercise extreme patience to avoid a rebound high (an over treatment, if you will). I try to distract myself during the fifteen-minute wait that endocrinologists recommend when treating low blood sugar by doing small but tedious tasks to focus my attention elsewhere. I’ll go clean up the mail left on the table or pick up the random shoes all around the house. I even know mothers who choose their child’s “low” moments to touch up their nail polish or makeup, just to take their minds off the current chaos!

What do you do in times of chaos? Do you get totally overwhelmed or do you have a specific way that keeps your body and mind centered?

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Chronically Caffeinated Mom

I am a married mother of three living in the small state of New Hampshire. I love to write, exercise and swim when given two minutes to myself- which isn’t often! ADHD is a prevalent disorder in our household; both my husband and our oldest son have official diagnoses and medication is taken daily to help manage their daily lives. My youngest son is a Neonatal Diabetic, diagnosed at the age of six months. Life is often a chaotic, loud mess with this bunch of humans but I wouldn’t trade any moment of it! I became a full-time blogger and social media influencer after I found myself a stay-at-home-mom following our son’s diagnosis. I write and review to help our family out financially where I can and as a method of therapy to work through all the emotions that followed the day Carter was diagnosed as a diabetic.

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8 thoughts on “Keeping Your Cool During A Crisis

  1. It is so important to keep your cool in different situations. I’m glad you were able to treat your toddler on time. I like these tips you’ve shared. Drinking some water helps big time with calming down.

    Nancy ♥

  2. It is difficult to keep your cool when I get to crisis, but we need to because panic only makes things worse. And that’s a way of helping the siblings too.
    Staying strong for your kids, you’re awesome.

  3. So glad you had the courage to write this blog post. You provided some awesome suggestions to stay calm during chaotic situations. Stay positive and happy blogging!

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