“I am” statements

I have so many things on my plate that I get frustrated if things do not go my way. I get upset when “I knew” something negative was going to happen. Last year, this mentality changed only because I decided that when I begin to feel like this I will I listen to more podcast, motivational speeches and reading more books regarding success. I will choose to be positive in the face of adversity. Later, I learned the benefits of affirming positivity in my life. I was able to use affirmations for my self-esteem and I am glad to say I have never felt better about myself.

Have you ever read the book The Secret? Maybe, you’ve heard Eddie Gordon speak on the power of an “I Am” statement. The premise to both are simple: What ever you claim to be, or claim will happen, will find its way to you, because you are speaking it into existence. “I am never going to get it” or “I am always going to struggle” these statements have determined the way your life is going to go. You have set your mindset for failure, for hardship, for difficulty and it will react in such a way! There is something I want you to do instead:

Speak positivity over yourself and your life!

Watch how doing something as simple as claiming growth, wealth and satisfaction improve your life and day to day experience. Ironically, I just spoke today about  Need help with your “I Am” statements? Try these affirmations to increase your self esteem today!

  1. “I am beautiful”
  2. ” I am smart”
  3. ” I am worthy”
  4. “I am successful
  5. “I am stable”
  6. “I am okay”
  7. ” I am healthy”
  8. ” I am determined”
  9. ” I am loving”
  10. ” I am lovable”
  11. ” I am willing and able”
  12. ” I am savvy”
  13. ” I am miraculous”
  14. ” I am respected”
  15. ” I am energized”
  16. ” I am motivated”
  17. ” I am inspiring”
  18. ” I am magical”
  19. ” I am wonderful”
  20. ” I am friendly”
  21. ” I am funny”
  22. ” I am handy”
  23. “I am dedicated”
  24. ” I am charismatic”
  25. ” I am here”

What are some positive phrases you plan to speak over yourself this week? I would love to hear them!