Group Therapy Idea For Self Care

Why Group Therapy?

Group therapy helps promote social skills, coping skills, peer support, improve self care and reach individual goals. This therapeutic style also teaches participants about themselves and it is a nice bonus that it is cheaper than individual therapy services.

Participants want to feel that they can connect with other individuals who have “been there done that” and could offer insights based on personal experiences.

Why Group Therapy On Self Care?

I often tell my group members that they cannot take care of others if they do not care for themselves. I have found that many of the participants do not know what self care activities are or how to make time for those activities.

This group therapy idea for self care will be an introduction for group members to take what they have learned and apply it to their personal lives.

Group Therapy Idea Self Care

So you’re facilitating a Self Care group?

If you’re like me, I was a whirlwind, and nervous as all get out! I went online and found limited information that would give me a group so I could focus on my emotions. I started with a group therapy session on self care and it benefited me in so many ways. I was able to become comfortable with facilitating and remind myself of the importance of self care.

How I plan to help you with group therapy ideas?

I will provide weekly group ideas on a multitude of topic, so be sure to subscribe so you wont miss out! This week is all about self care, so I have developed a self care group therapy outline for you.

Need Help Journaling! I have multiple prompts for you!

Now that I have been conducting groups for a while, I figured I would help out my fellow group leaders. So…

Topic Of The Week:

“Self Care, Self Worth and Self Esteem”

Check in: I like using the stop light method

Red: I am not doing well at all and may need to see you individually

Yellow: I am okay but could be better.

Green: I am great and ready to go

Group Therapy Idea Self Care

Ice breaker: Room of Compliments

Print affirmations such as “I am beautiful” “I am worthy” and place them around a room. Have participants stand in front of affirmations and say them out loud. After have them stand in front of the one that resonated with them the most. Have participants explain why they chose that particular one.

Self Care Discussion Questions:

Was it awkward to say these things aloud to yourself? Why did you not choose _________affirmation? How often do you practice self care? Why do you think self care is important for recovery?

Mindfulness: Guided Meditation That Supports Self Care

DBT Safe Place guided meditation (Download here)


I love giving homework to my group to ensure they properly learned the topic. The homework given for this group could be: speaking 3 affirmations aloud to self each day or post it notes on the mirror to remind yourself to care for yourself (i.e. meditate, journal etc).

Check out:

Use stop light method. It is awesome to see how colors change as the group ends. It is important to note that individuals who are RED may need to see you individually or need a crisis appointment.

9 thoughts on “Group Therapy Idea For Self Care

  1. This is really great! One of our new therapists is starting a self-care group at our mental health practice and this is good information to share with her! It’s nice to get a perspective outside of our office!

  2. Great read self care is definitely important I would love to try this activity with my students. It amazes me how young girls don’t realize or understand their worth and acknowledge who they are and be proud. Thanks for sharing

  3. I agree that group therapy is beneficial, especially when suffering from anxiety.

    I continuously work on my self-care, being able to identify my triggers and taking time out for myself. Being around other people helps me.

    Great post

  4. This is a great idea. I never liked group therapy but recently underwent some and it seemed to help. Starting a group therapy based on self-care seems like a lovely idea!

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