Advice For Recent Grads

You did it!

This should be an exciting time for you but I am sure the pressure is on (or will be) to know what you want to do or  where you want to go. If you have graduated from high school or college the question is the same in so many ways “What’s Next?”. Some individuals have families who do not ask and others have families that want you to have your life planned out by the time you graduate.

I know where you think I am going with this….“you can take your time”.

You have time to think of what you would like to do, how you need to get there and then implement.

The time it takes to do all of those things are different for everyone; some go straight through and get their education some get experience first, there is no wrong way. However, the mistake comes in when you do not maximize your time and take the next step when it is needed. You may take a semester “off” to evaluate what you want but there needs to be a time table (i.e. six months).

When that time comes when you are supposed to take the next step, it needs to be done. So often people have a plan and do not go through with it due to life events. While it is difficult it can be done. I was planning a wedding, full time in graduate school, working full time as a manager and interning part time. Never throughout my journey, would I have put my education on the back burner because it was the goal, the dream, the mission. You must complete the mission.

If you remember nothing else remember this. Time waits for no one and timing is everything. Good luck and congratulations!

8 thoughts on “Advice For Recent Grads

  1. My late grandfather used to have a saying ‘What is meant for you will never go past you.’ To recent grads, the next step might seem obvious, but getting there might not be all that obvious!

    I wish you all good luck.

    Such a lovely post Jess!

    – Nyxie

  2. Great advice!! I know I didn’t have it together after finishing school as a matter of fact I went back after a career change and now I love my job and never regret my journey. It has made me who I am today. So I tell people find your passion bcuz I remember Oprah explaining that many moons ago. Keep up the good work and congrats on your accomplishments.

  3. Great advice for recent grads & people in general. I think we all have to realize that things take time & we can’t compare our journey with others.

  4. Great advice. It’s important to keep the momentum going once landing in the “real world”

    Ash |

  5. What a great reminder – it’s about planning ahead, so that when you finish, you’re not left with that big question mark! Obviously – things may change – and you roll with the changes, the way you would through anything in life.

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