3 Simple Ways To Become More Organized

I have been teased for years by my friends and family on my ability to be overly organized, not miss anything and ability to see ahead. I am usually the designated planner as well, for family trips, as I have it planned to the time.

Needless to say, in professional interviews, when the question is asked : “how do you stay organized” is always my favorite. I do not have to think very hard about what to say.

I have three planners: one I keep on my person and the others I keep at work. I have a dry erase calendar in my home office and one on the fridge in the kitchen. Lastly I sync my phone, laptop and tablet calendars to stay up to date and mobile with my day.

I know, that is A LOT, but it awesome! It is not expected that everyone will adapt to my madness but I do have some tips as to how to become more organized.

1.Clean it all out and start fresh

Whether it is a closet you’re organizing or your life, start over. Toss old clothes or get a fresh planner . By starting fresh you are allowing your mind to provide space for new things and new habits.


2. Form your system

I normally color code items based on professional, personal, birthdays…you get the picture. However you can do it whichever way you like! I do recommend making it habit, to put events in your planner and your cellphone because you will be least likely to forget.

In general, create a schedule “every Tuesday I will vacuum and go for a run” or “Every Friday I will do laundry and go grocery shopping”. The more you do it the more habitual it will become.

3. Do not procastinate

When you have plan to do something, do it that day! Things come up, life has its own plan so you do not want to regret not going to the grocery store Friday now that it is Sunday and you’re snowed/iced in with no food (Yes it happened to me before). The point of a plan is to stick with it, again the more you follow through the better you will know yourself and the time it takes to complete the task.

What are some ways you stay organized?